Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl and an uninvited new pet

Well, we hosted this years Superbowl party at our house. We ended up having FORTY PLUS people over. Tim and I worked hard to get the house ready, here are some of the decorations I put up:

This doesn't even touch it because I didn't take pics of the basement with the big screen where we showed the game or all the food after it was all put out, but it looked pretty good.
Here are Tim and Luke before the big game:

We had an incredible time, I think we hosted a pretty good party : ) and fun was had by all. I still can't believe the amount of people crammed in here but it was very fun. I wouldn't mind hosting again actually, it was kind of nice having it on our home turf. The Steelers won which made Tim (a HUGE Steelers fan) VERY happy!

Then onto our "uninvited new pet" part of this post. . . . .. . . . . . . .. .
Lauren went to a birthday party on Friday. Now maybe I am "out of touch" but normally when you go to a birthday party and party favors are handed out they aren't living things........................... not this b-day party. My daughter arrived home from the party absolutely thrilled that EVERY SINGLE CHILD AT THE PARTY was given one of these:

Lauren and Luke have named him (if it is a him : ) "Goldie" and they are thrilled with their new pet. I really don't mind that much, he's obviously pretty darn easy to take care of but COME ON!!! If you were giving out fish as a party favor wouldn't you ask first???? I've never owned a fish before but am hoping he doesn't last until Spring Break when we go out of town for a week, I don't want to have to manage "fish sitting", I already have a dog and a cat to deal with on that end.
As I type this we are in the middle of another HUGE snow storm, it is snowing 2 inches per minute and my poor mom is stuck in it trying to get home, this weather is crazy! I'm ready for the beach, come on Spring Break!!!!


  1. I have never heard of getting a fish as a party favor. I guess I'm out of the loop as well. I think Betas only need to be fed once a week right? I could be wrong.

  2. Goldfish can go two weeks without a feeding.. just something to know.. when it comes to pet sitting. :) Or, you can buy little slow release food tablet things. Very easy.

    Although, once my oldest brought a fish home from school, and I was NOT happy. It only lasted a day.

  3. OMG! So are we overfeeding this poor guy? We give it a sprinkle of food each day, is that too much??

  4. OMG so are we feeding him too much?? We are feeding him a sprinkle of food every morning?



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