Friday, June 12, 2009


Ever since Tim and I have been married we lived in cramped bedrooms full of mis matched furniture from our youth, barren white walls with kids pictures taped to them, junk everywhere, just not your ideal bedroom that you think you will have as a married couple.
I am happy to report that after almost 11 years together we FINALLY have our SANCTUARY!
We ordered new furniture and that inspired Tim to paint. We picked out paint colors together, light fixtures, art work, it all came together so nicely. Here are some pictures of the final product:

It all came together so nicely and Tim and I are so happy. Nothing like stepping into your bedroom and having a giddy smile over take your face.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Today was one of those dreary rainy days. I had promised Lauren we would make a tent on the next rainy day,so when she looked outside this morning and saw the rain drops she was excited.
Here is my excited girl in her tent:

I took my first long peaceful nap of the summer today,it was wonderful! Just hearing the rain against the window, the nice darkness of the bedroom, ahhhhhhh it was wonderful!

Then tonight for dinner we each made our own pizza. The kids really got into it and they tasted REALLY good :

I thank the Lord for this wonderful lazy rainy day together as a family, it was a great one!


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