Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out with the old, IN with the new!!!

Today was the big day, the new furniture was going to arrive. I am a new BIG fan of Craigslist. A college guy showed up yesterday and paid cash for our old sofa and loveseat. Tim's parents are going to take the sofa from our front room so everything old now has a home, READY FOR THE NEW!!!!
They were supposed to be here to deliver anywhere between 8-12 today, we were thrilled when they showed up at 7:45.
Here was the empty room before they arrived (pardon the mess):

Here is our lovely new furniture!!!

New loveseat in the front room:

New (sleeper) sofa (so guests can FINALLY stay with us) in the front room:

Luke enjoying the new loveseat in our t.v. room:

With the new furniture we have a new rule of NO EATING OR DRINKING on the furniture. So we decided we needed some sort of eat in the kitchen option for the kids, so we bought a new island. Here is Lauren eating her breakfast on our new island this morning:

So excited about our new stuff and happy our old stuff has a new home too! I am also super excited about my THREE DAY WEEKEND!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day of Craziness

Well, I was in the shower this morning and Tim came in and told me school was closed. At first I was shocked it was called so late and disappointed I had already made it into the shower. Turns out some vandals snuck into our bus yard and unplugged the diesel buses, someone REALLY wanted a day off. . . gotta say, snuggling back into bed, wet hair and all felt good this morning.
Luke was off for an inservice day and so we just kept Lauren home and had fun just the four of us. We hit the mall and got TONS of great deals so that was fun.
Tomorrow we have new furniture coming, I am so excited!!!! I posted our old stuff on Craigslist and was amazed and how quickly it went. Tim and I unfortunately just had to move it all out to the garage just the two of us. . . yikes, that was crazy. We got stuck in the doorway with the sofa and as my arms were trembling by lifting the sofa at eye level to try and straighten it out and I didn't think I could possibly hold it another minute I looked over my shoulder and saw my neighbor (with a halo on top of his head : ) saying "do you need some help" talk about divine intervention and PERFECT timing!!! The furniture is outside and we are awaiting the people to come and haul it away (and pay in cash). New stuff will arrive tomorrow morning, I'll update with pics, I am so excited to get new furniture. We also purchased a small island for the kitchen so the kids have somewhere to eat breakfast and snacks with a view of the t.v. because with the new stuff the rule will definitely be NO EATING ON THE COUCHES : )
Well, off to see if our Craigslist people arrive cash in hand. . .. I'll keep ya posted.


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