Saturday, May 23, 2009

Being a Thoughtful Spouse

Boy have I been stressed out lately. I think the word "overwhelmed" would describe it best. I have just been swamped at work, dealing with some very intense meetings lately, and it's been (and will continue to be) time consuming trying to wrap up everything from this school year and get ready for next school year. On top of that whirlwind while I am at work I still have my University of Phoenix online teaching and trying to stay on top of it all at times (especially times like these) can be a bit overwhelming. Well, unfortunately when we are stressed we tend to take it out on those close to us- I hate that! Why is it that we do this to the ones that we love? I am very fortunate to have a loving and understanding husband. I had lashed out at him when he called me at work and then that conversation quickly turned to tears as I poured my heart out about how stressed I was feeling and how I was in a bit of a panic to get it all done and meet deadlines I was facing. A few hours later I was called to the front desk at work and this was awaiting me:

The most beautiful arrangement of flowers that have ever been sent to me.
The attached card read:
I can not begin to describe to you what this did for my soul. My spirit was lifted, I was filled with love and a smile overtook my face.
I pray to be a loving wife to Tim, to treat him as wonderfully as he treats me. This is a partnership, we need to uplift eachother and boy did he uplift me this week and I am EVER so thankful!


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