Saturday, January 8, 2011

Iron Chef Luke

Luke's latest obsession is with the Food Network. If you ask Luke about any show on that channel he could go on for hours talking about the latest Iron Chef, Diners Drive In's and Dive's,Chopped,  Man vs. Food, etc. He watches the channel when he first wakes up and as he falls asleep at night. He dreams of going to culinary school and learning the tricks of the trade. We decided since hs is so passionate about it we should start teaching him the physical skills of the kitchen.
A few nights ago the guys decided to prepare a meal for us and Luke was the chef, here are some pictures of him in action:

He had Tim as an OUTSTANDING teacher:

Luke was so excited during the entire process and was soaking in every bit of information Tim gave him. They did a great job preparing a yummy Italian dinner, they even finished it with a delicious desert. Here are my Iron Chef's:

Luke took great pride in setting the table (notice the candle to make it romantic : ) 
Tim created score cards for Lauren and I to rate him on presentation, taste and originality - I think he was pleased with his scores . This will just be the first of many adventures in the kitchen with Luke (we have some more fun cooking challenges planned).  I am a firm believer in going with your child's interests and helping them to build those skills in order for them to gain confidence. I realize he is only 9 (almost 10) and his interests will definitely change over the years. Maybe Luke will end up being a chef some day, only time will tell, but he will remember that he got his start as an apprentice of Chef Tim in our kitchen : )



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