Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Traditions

I must admit it, I always thought my mom was crazy for her obsession with picking fresh fruit. You honestly haven't seen a woman more excited than my mom in a strawberry field, apple field, blueberry field or rasberry field, bucket in hand plucking fresh fruit to take home and make into pies, put over cereal and just enjoy.
Here she is in Grand Haven last summer in the middle of a blueberry field, in pure heaven:

Here she is passing down the tradition of fruit picking to my children (who LOVE it by the way):

Well today was no exception, the strawberries were in!
I got a call last week and it was my VERY excited mother who said to me as soon as I picked up the phone "ALERT ALERT, the strawberries are ready for picking" I had to laugh. We made a date for next Saturday (today) to head out to the fields with the kids and pick strawberries. So today we all loaded in the car and my mom led us literally into the middle of no where to find her glorious strawberry fields. I must say that I was getting a BIT inpatient as the kids were arguing in the backseat and we were 45 minutes into the drive and in the middle of no where with no end in sight. But I forgot all of that when we got there.
The kids were so excited. We got our baskets and headed for the fields. It was row upon row of beautiful strawberries (I didn't have my camera, but here is a visual for you):

Luke had been picking with my mom before and was so excited to be the "expert" and he jumped ahead with Lauren explaining "I'll show you how this is done Lauren". Mom picked with the kids a row over from me and I just smiled from ear to ear as I heard the exchange between them. My kids were just LOVING this and my mom was LOVING that they were LOVING this : ) They went on and on about how many they were, how juicy they were, what fun this is, it really was awesome to see. My kids had strawberry juice dripping from their chins, a bin full of strawberries, and had a wonderful time picking strawberries with their grandmother in the strawberry fields. My mom said to me " I now am convinced these children are connected to me genetically" : )
I know longer think my mom is crazy................and I am excited that her love for this picking of fresh fruit and sharing these experiences together is being passed down to my children. My fresh strawberry pie is in the fridge and we have more strawberries than you can imagine and I have a smile on my face remembering those good times we had today in the fields. Thanks mom!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's so close I can taste it!

Can you smell it, feel it............... I can almost taste it.........

It's almost here. I only have 4 more days of school, then a summer full of pool time, Disney and Grand Haven, CAN'T WAIT!
I can't wait for times like these:

and these:

Man....... Minnie hugs are the best hugs : )

........and times like these:

Then I can't wait to be out on the pier at Grand Haven looking out at the water (I took this one last summer - LOVE this picture):

As things get stressful these next four school days wrapping things up I am sure I will find myself closing my eyes and getting these images in my mind. SUMMER IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT and that makes me............ smile!


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