Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saving Money and Dedication

I am so excited about two major things that is going on with me right now:
1). Saving tons of money using coupons and local coupon blogs
2). Sticking to a diet, weight loss and exercise plan and starting to see changes.

Tim and I are kicking ourselves that we didn't start clipping coupons sooner, but now that we are we are serious about it. We bought a coupon organizer, bought our Sunday paper and got organized, just based upon that we saved 30.00 our first time out of the gate.
That was great......... but I wanted more!
I scoured the internet for even more coupons and our trip online. So, two weeks ago (our second try at this) we went out armed with our Sunday paper coupons AND our printed out online coupons and saved a whopping $50.00 off of our bill... AWESOME feeling!................ but I wanted more!
So......... I scoured the internet more and found some great coupon blogging websites. My favorite one is They made it SUPER easy for me because they go through the Kroger circular and suggest the best deals for you as well as link those deals with coupons from the paper and have links to online coupons to further the savings and show you what the final price would be.... this was WONDERFUL! So........ I took great notes from the site, paired them with Sunday coupons they suggested and with the printable coupons and we went to the store yesterday and were able to save $75.00 off of our grocery bill!!! I just LOVE this! I am so excited to see how much we can save over this upcoming year, we just need to stay dedicated to it (but the wonderful motivation of extra money in our pockets will make that easy).
Speaking of motivation......... I have stuck to a dieting and exercise regiment since the beginning of January. I am down 7 pounds (a total of 15 pounds is my goal by Spring Break). I feel better than I have in years. I have cut down my wine drinking to one glass per week (which for those of you who know me, know that is a sacrifice: ) I am starting to see results and I am LOVING it! It is a great feeling to have your pants get loser and see more definition in your body. I will keep you updated on the progress of both of these things as the year progresses..... wish me luck!


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