Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guardian Angels

Thank God for Guardian Angels watching over my babies and keeping them safe. The other night Lauren came running downstairs and I could tell by the panic in her face she had done something wrong and was upset. She kept saying "I didn't mean to do it, I didn't mean to do it". What she "didn't mean to do" was push her foot onto her open window by her bed thus popping the screen out and landing it on the lawn 2 stories below. She had obviously leaned out of the window (gasp) to see that the screen was down below (again, TWO stories below) because she informed us the screen was fine and it wasn't ripped. At first I was angry with her for pushing on her window but then as reality sunk in we thanked the Lord for watching over our baby girl, for sending his Guardian Angels to protect her as she leaned her little body out of that 2 story window inspecting the screen below. HOW SCARY. As I climbed the stairs and put her screen back in I told her how serious this was, that in leaning over she could have fallen out and been seriously hurt or even died from the fall. I explained to her that we wouldn't have heard her (we were in the basement watching t.v.) and wouldn't have known until we would have come up to check on her before we went to bed. I could see the fear in her eyes as she was listening to me as I was trying to put the fear of God into her. One more reason I believe that the Lord has his angels here on earth protecting us. Guardian angels have protected me before. I was so excited to jump in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics after raising close to 900 dollars for this worthwhile charity! The crowd was ROWDY and I was nervous. I had never done this before, friends and coworkers were there to support me on this VERY cold day. I was the only one "going it alone" on that day as other teams and coworkers jumped together. There were backflips being done, belly dives, etc. The M.C's of the event were making fun of those who simply jumped in and didn't get their hair wet. I made a split second decision to dive in fearing the mocking of the M.C's. STUPID MOVE! Here I am on that fateful day:

Yes, that was me bleeding on the ladder as I exited. I swear you can feel/sense the guardian angels pulling up on my ankles that day and saving my life. The medical crew on the scene and at the hospital that day that had to put the stitches into my skull swore to me at that angle and velocity I should have been paralized at best. Again, thank you Lord for your Guardian Angels!


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