Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ending on a POSITIVE note

It was a ROUGH baseball season for Luke this year. His team had a wonderful year in our Kings league last year so they were bumped to a VERY competetive Knothole league this year. We were playing teams that were hand selected with the best players, using big barrelled bats and teams that travel to other tournaments. Our team is full of boys who have been playing with one another since t-ball, no hand selection, no big barrel bats, just good old fashioned baseball for fun.

Well, it wasn't fun this year. It's not fun being run-ruled EVERY single game. It's not fun striking out against great pitchers. It's not fun to FINALLY get a hit but playing against teams who are so perfect in the field you don't have a prayer of getting to first. It was a LONG season for the boys AND the parents.

We were THRILLED that when it was tournament time  the league took a look at our record this year and bumped us down into a bracket we could actually compete at..... and we WON the championship game last night.
Luke found out it is FUN playing in the outfield knowing you aren't going to get KILLED:

He found out that it is FUN to get a hit, make it to first and get ready to steal second with your dad as your first base coach:

He found out it's FUN to make it to third and then STEAL home and score for your team as your family and team cheers you on!

Baseball can be FUN, and it doesn't hurt to go home with a big trophy either : )


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