Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lemonade Stand Joy

Yesterday we FINALLY had sunshine here in our part of Ohio and we put on a Yard Sale to raise some money for our upcoming Disney getaway. The kids had been BEGGING to have a lemonade stand forever so we figured since we'd be having traffic anyway it would be the perfect day to do it.
They had fun decorating the sign together and it was such fun to watch the joy on their faces as each customer would approach. Lauren was halarious at first, determining how much change she would give back based upon how nice the people were- giving a few customers free lemonade (until Luke found out about it and insisted on their need to turn a profit : ).  They earned $10.00 to split for the trip which they were thrilled about. Thanks to all who came out to buy a "refreshing glass of lemonade for only .25 cents! 
I hope you enjoyed some sunshine this weekend too!


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