Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy March

The month of March is wrapping up and I can't believe it. This year is just whizzing buy which makes me excited for all we have on the horizon.
Both kids spring activities have started: Luke has soccer, baseball and continues in cubscouts, Lauren has soccer and we sign her up for cheerleading this week too.
Our good friends had a baby boy this month, here I am holding their precious baby David:

Here is Lauren taking a turn:

Luke had a big cubscout event this month: the Pinewood Derby. We were all nervous wrecks because we knew this was an intense event and were worried after the sailboat regatta disaster of his performance. Luckily a DEAR friend of mine at work has a son who is a boyscout, they had Luke over and helped him use the tools and get his painted. Luke and I got it decorated, Tim and Luke got the wheels and weights on and we knew we gave it our best shot.
Here he is on the big day:

They really go all out, Tim DJ'd so they had appropriate music and Tim did the announcing which made it a fun event for all the boys. I was just praying we wouldn't have tears this time, I was a nervous wreck. Here is the set up:

The race actually went very well and he won two of his heats, here he is celebrating his victory:

Overall Luke did a great job for his first showing winning 2 of his 4 heats and got 13th overall in his pack of about 50 boys so we were excited for that and even MORE excited that he left the event with a smile on his face.

We went out of town to a cabin in Nashville Indiana to celebrate mom's birthday, that was a nice getaway with my side of the family.

Today we had a big Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, why in the world are planned Easter Egg hunts outside so darn cold!?! Here is a view of the cold/miserable day but the kids still had a BLAST:

We went with my parents, here is Luke with my mom:

They had so many activities, a petting zoo, jump house, the Easter bunny, decorate your own cookie section, airbrush tattoo's, craft station, games, dying Easter eggs, etc. the kids had so much fun, here are a few shots:

So as March winds down I am SO ready for April, hoping for sunnier days ahead and looking forward to our vacation at Kiawah for Spring Break. I have jury duty the entire month of April and call tomorrow night to see if I have to report, so I'm sure I'll have some posts about that coming up so stay tuned. . ..


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