Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love my husband!

Tim and I have been married now for 10 years and I'm happy to report that our marriage has gotten even better and better over time - I am truly married to my best friend. A marriage definitely has it's roller coaster hills of ups and downs. You have the honeymoon period, the getting to know and trust one another periods, the having kids and losing your sense of self and ignoring the "us" period, and then - fortunately for us you get to the point of putting the "I" to the side and it changes to the "us". You start to self lessly put your spouses needs ahead of your own and love to just make that other person happy. You learn to know what makes the other person tick and what the other person needs. What a great feeling to have a strong marriage, a happy and healthy marriage and to have a best friend for a mate.
That being said . . . .Tim did an amazing thing for me this week (he always is doing little amazing things that make me thankful that I am his bride).
It was your average day, it had been a long day and I wasn't feeling 100%. I was getting ready to play a board game with the kids and Tim called me upstairs. I was so excited when I saw this:

amidst the toys in our tub he had placed candles and lit them, dimmed the lights and
drawn a nice warm bubble bath for me. He brought me some wine, and closed the door and told me to take my time and enjoy it. It was amazing!!!!!!
What a blessing to have a husband who can do these little things for you, I am truly blessed : )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dancing In The Rain

We had an INCREDIBLE weekend of unseasonably warm weather. We enjoyed a day outside of sunshine and mid 70 degree weather. Each of the kids had friends over to play, we got much needed yard work done and I took Mickey on a long walk around our local lake. We even enjoyed grilled hot dogs on the grill for lunch, it was WONDERFUL.
Today was another unseasonable warm day but it started raining this evening.
When the Lord gives you lemons, make lemonaide right??? : )
Well, the kids decided the rain wasn't going to ruin their fun, they decided to dance in the rain:

What fun!!!!

Thank you Lord for beautiful sunny days and EVEN the rain!


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