Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stranger Danger!

Luke came home with an alarming letter in his backpack today warning us of an incident that happened a neighborhood over from ours. A man in a white van approached an 11 year old boy while he was waiting at a bus stop, asking the boy to come inside the van and play video games, thankfully the school bus approached scaring the man away. What is so scary about this is how close it was to home obviously but also that the very same day this occured I foolishly let the kids walk a street over together to play with some friends. I don't let them do this often and have always found comfort when I did allow it that they were together but NEVER AGAIN! I had a serious conversation tonight with both kids about stranger danger tonight. I didn't want to scare them to death but also wanted them to understand the seriousness of it. Luke broke my heart by asking, "what if you say no and run away but the man keeps coming at you". Fear and chills ran through my head as the thought of my poor baby ever being caught in this situation overwhelmed me.
I did a quick Youtube search trying to find a stranger danger video that I could show them, I found this one:

The kids listened attentively. Luke nervously said "I'd just punch the guy and run", and "he looks wimpy, it'd be no problem" While he was saying this he was red in the face and he looked nervous, I could tell the effect it was having on him and knew these comments were just his nervous reactions to what he was seeing. Lauren asked to watch it several times and kept asking good questions. Luke and I also had a good discussion about what he learned and how he felt. What a rough night this was, I hate that we live in a world where these terrible things happen to precious children. I pray the Lord will protect my babies and they will never EVER have this happen to them, but I feel better that I have prepared them and educated them about the evils of this world.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Night!

You can tell the nights are getting warmer when Tim breaks out his DJ equipment and projection equipment and we invite the neighborhood to a movie night. The kids were SO excited. We selected Hotel for Dogs, invited everyone over, popped popcorn and got candy ready and the movie night began:

The kids had so much fun, we had fun socializing with the neighbors as all of our kids watched the movies. I pray that when my kids look back on their childhood these are the small things that they remember and puts a smile onto their faces.


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