Friday, February 6, 2009

Why I Love My Family

There are a MILLION reasons why I love my family but yesterday and today gave me a few more reasons why:
Yesterday I looked at the calendar and realized Valentines Day Weekend ALSO is Presidents Day Weekend so we have Monday off. I sent a quick email to Tim and asked him what he thought about taking the kids and Mickey (our dog) down to Gatlinburg for the weekend, I got an email back within minutes saying "WHY NOT, we love to travel, let's do it, heck yes!!!" So we booked a BEAUTIFUL 3 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg for 3 nights that is pet friendly. We will leave Friday afternoon and return Monday night. I love my families love for travel and how important it is to us. For us, it is all about making memories that last a lifetime for us in our marriage and our kids, which actually leads me to the next point. . . . . . .
FRIDAY NIGHTS IN OUR HOUSE! It has become our tradition that on Friday nights we go out for dinner which is awesome (tonight we went out and celebrated Luke's b-day and they sang to him which he loved) and then we usually hit Target or Walmart for a bit to get stuff for the weekend or for Family Night (candy, snacks, etc.). Then we head home, put on comfy clothes and play a family game. These games usually consist of made up things like foil baseball, etc. Tonights game:

That's right, a TEENIE TINY baseball bat and a nerf football- we used it to play homerun derby. Tim and I took turns pitching to the kids and to eachother:

The rules were, if you hit the back wall of the dining room HOMERUN. We put a laundry basket on the dining room table: if you made it in there a bonus 5 runs : )

The kids stayed pretty even the whole game, and enjoyed the game emensely:

Tim was schooling me until the final round where I got TWO in the basket. Tim then came back in the final round and beat me by 2! Bummer, but what a fun night.
This is one of the MANY reasons why I love my family!!!!!
So....... this time next week we will be in a beautiful cabin in Gatlinburg, wonder what games we will think of for family nights there!?!?!

Tomorrow............ my baby turns 8 years old, I can't believe it!!!!!!

I'll update with his big day later on this weekend, I'm sure it will be great. I am so blessed to be his mother!

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  1. I love the Sawhook games!! SO much fun!!! :)
    I am sad that you guys are going to Gatlinburg instead of coming here though!!! :( Have so much fun!!! :)



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