Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner Gone Wrong and the Small Things in Life

So Tim, being the wonderful husband that he is was going to prepare dinner for us tonight when I got home from work. He was so proud of the recipe he had found on his iPhone for blackened chicken. Well, I noticed the kitchen filling with smoke as he cooked:

Then the whole house filled with smoke and we had to open windows and cover our noses and mouths due to the overpowering smell of spices, poor Tim:

Needless to say we ended up getting dinner from LaRosa's : ) After the smoke cleared we did taste the chicken however and it wasn't that bad, I think he saved it for his lunch tomorrow.

My best friend Kristen who I grew up with married an airforce lifer and they currently live in Germany. Several years ago when they were stationed in Washington D.C. Tim surprised me with a ticket to go visit Kristen for a weekend in D.C. long story short we got lost on the way to the airport and I missed the flight. Luke was 4 at the time and VERY upset I was leaving without him and we ended up buying him a ticket and the two of us went to visit Kristen. It was such a wonderful and memorable trip. One thing that is funny is Kristen had the most UNBELIEVABLE soft towels EVER!!! Luke and I talked about them forever and we told Kristen that in every store we are in we feel the towels and say "nope, not as soft as Kristen's". We honestly do this ALL the time, in EVERY towel section in EVERY store.
Well.................... Kristen sent Luke a present for his b-day and since he wasn't feeling well this week we let him open it early:

She bought him his own set of towels : ) Have you ever seen a kid so excited to receive a towel for a b-day present in his life.

He immediately wanted to shower. He has set the towels aside and has instructed us that they are "his towels" and no one is allowed to use them.

You HAVE to love GREAT friends, good memories, and the simple things in life!!!!


  1. ha ha ha! What a great present!!! That is a great friend!

  2. I'm so glad that Luke enjoyed the towels! Miss you guys!



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