Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gymnastics Today

Today was a big day for Lauren. She has always wanted to be in gymnastics class. We did the cheerleading thing which she seems destined for and today was her first day of gymnastics. I signed her up for a class for 5 years and up. I was worried because as class started she was clearly 2 years younger than all and some girls were even 10-12 years old.
They started off with exercises.

The did splits, backbends, ran around the gym, did back crawls, hops around the gym, skipping around the gym, etc. The poor girl looked pooped, LOTS of exercise and only 10 min. into class. I called Tim and said "wow, is she gonna be tired tonight!".
Then they divided the girls into 4 groups. The first group was the older girls doing cartwheels and roundoffs unassisted. Then Lauren was with the group with one of the coaches:

After her first (perfect unassisted) cartwheel they sent her over with the big girls, I couldn't help but smile!

They officially assigned her to "group 1". They got to go on the uneven bars:

She had so much fun. Even worked on a back bend and a flip before the class ended.

Then they got the parachute out to wrap up class.

Lauren was in heaven and I must say I was a proud mama. Can't wait to see how this progresses. . . .



  1. She's a natural! I had Ava in gymnastics (Mommy and Baby) and she loved it. I'm waiting until she turns 3 to put her in again so she can go alone.



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