Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disney is our Getaway and Safe Haven

People ask me all the time "why do you go to Disney EVERY SINGLE YEAR!?!" I can not put into words the happiness it brings me and my family. Tim put together a video for our trip report this year and I just love it and wanted to share it here. It sums up our happiness/humor/love for Disney. Hope you enjoy it: (shut up and drive is the first song because we have decided to drive this year) Be sure to hit the "pause" button on my music player to the left of this post to stop my normal Jason Mraz music so you can hear the music Tim put to the video before hitting play. ENJOY!!!!


  1. I saw this video on the board, it is so good! We feel the same way. Everyone rolls their eyes when we say we are going yet again, but we just love it there.

  2. I know a great place you can stop on the way! ;)



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