Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Great Birthday Party Debate

I often wonder in my kids minds what ranks higher than their birthdays. Every year my kids plan out months in advance, what type of cake they want, what venue they want their parties at, who to invite, etc. etc. Last year Luke had an awesome pirate themed party that took TONS of work to plan, organize, buy themed favors and decorations for, and ended up costing us a fortune. Lauren had a simpler party at an inflatable place that was fun, this year the debate has already started.
Last night we were discussing Luke's birthday that is fast approaching. You should have seen the look in his eyes as we discussed the options. We threw out movie theatre party, swim party at the local rec. center, bowling party, Lazar tag, etc. etc. As I called from place to place to get prices his eyes just got larger and larger. As I would hang up the phone he would say "so give me the options mom" and he said several times as Tim and I were discussing things "well, shouldn't I be the one to decide these things, after all it is MY birthday" : )
Kids, they crack me up. Birthday's are sure getting expensive. I guess it's partly my fault. I prefer to have it at a LOCATION so I don't have to invite people into my home, plan everything, clean everything (before AND after the party), etc. Looks like the going rate for this years shindig will run us around 150, yikes! Actually that's better than in previous years AND I'm avoiding having everyone to the house. Still waiting for a few calls back on prices of places, but I'll let you know where "WE" decide (I guess I mean that "we" very loosely : )


  1. Fun!! I cant wait for these days!!!

  2. I'm with you all the way. I would much rather pay more and buy a cake/cookies/treats and have it some where else. Cleaning, re-cleaning, and having everyone over isn't my idea of a fun day. :)

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