Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun..... Right in our Backyard!

We are blessed to live in a wonderful area of God's country. We live very close to the Little Miami river, although ever since we moved here I had just driven by. I used to canoe on the Little Miami as a child and have great memories there.
Well today was a busy day of running around from game to game for the kids but in between the madness the beautiful sunny day was calling my name. I wanted to take Mickey swimming in the Little Miami. We piled into the car and were there in less than 2 minutes, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Mickey had the time of his life swimming out into the deep waters to retreive sticks we would throw at him (he is QUITE a good swimmer!)

It was just so beautiful! I can't believe all the time we've wasted at dog parks this summer when this was practically in our backyard - we will definitely be back..........often!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mom!
    This was so much fun fetching and swimming today! I vote we come back too!



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