Thursday, April 23, 2009

Searching for a new home

When you decide that you want to move it can be a very difficult decision in life. You have neighbors close who you consider family that mean the world to you and you know you will miss dearly. You have fond memories that resonate in your head that will be hard to replace. You have ties and connections and so do your children. It's hard to uproot your kids and you want what is best for them in all of this as well. You do a lot of research to ensure that the place you will be moving to will meet your needs and be a wonderful place to raise your family.
We are going through all of the above right now but not with our regular home, but our church home. We have a very strong church family that we love VERY much and consider our family (some is family) but we have a VERY long commute and it has been very hard on us especially as the kids get older and we have more activities going on. We want to find a church home that is not only closer but that is biblicaly sound, a Bible teaching church is SO important to us. Not only do the beliefs (most importantly) have to be there but as mentioned in the opening paragraph, we want it to be a place where our children will be nurtured in the Word. We want it to be a place where they will have a lot of kids their own age, have great programs for them to attend and where they can build life long friendships with children close by so when they are teenagers and those tough decisions come their way in life they will have a solid set of Christian friends around to help them make good choices.
We think we have found a new church home and would appreciate your prayers as we continue our "moving" process. We still want to have ties with our old church, it would hurt to much NOT to. Before we "sign the mortgage" to or new church home so to speak we want to educate ourselves even further by continuing to attend their services, attend their new members class to gain information and we continue to pray about it so we have a peace about our new home. We appreciate your prayers as well during this "moving process" and adjustment phase in our lives.


  1. I've posted here before, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate this post. I pray blessings on your family as you begin this very hard transition. I just moved to Fairborn last August and had to leave my, as you say, Bible-teaching, solid church. It was so hard! May you find a place where you can be spiritually fed and where you can serve. Jenny (aka donaldsgal on the DIS)

  2. We will be praying for God's direction Les! Good for you - for seeking what is best for you and your family! That is usually not the easy thing to's far more easy to try to please others...I pray that you are led in the right direction...whether that is to stay or go....and that you will feel at peace - only when you follow His guidance.

  3. I'll keep your search in my thoughts. We are currently looking for a church home, so we know that finding the right fit isn't always easy.

  4. I'll definitely pray for you and Tim as you make this decision, and for your kids. I know how important it is to find a true church "home"--and finding one that is truly Biblically sound is sometimes so difficult. I pray that God will make it so clear to you all as you decide. It's always been so hard when I've moved in the past and have had to find a new church family. But God has always been so faithful in blessing me with an amazing "home". My husband and I are constantly praying that God will continue to lead us and guide us as we trust him (my husband is a youth minister--so we don't know when or where God will move us). I'll pray for your family! Please keep us updated. --Staci (stacikristine from the DISboards)



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