Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was such a wonderful day, I just looooooooooooooove snow days.
We had big plans to go to a neighborhood school and sled, but when we got all dressed and looked outside we realized that our street hadn't been plowed and it was still coming down pretty hard so we just walked up to a neighbors house to sled down their hill in their front yard:

We each took turns sliding down, it was a fun time:

It was Mickey's first time out in the snow and he LOVED it. I remember Loomis (our Golden Retreiver we had to put to sleep in May) absolutely loving the snow so I was happy to see Mickey enjoying it as well:

Luke continued to sled and Tim, Lauren and I headed back the house to start shoveling. Lauren started complaining she was cold so she headed inside and Tim and I finished up the driveway. We kept piling snow on Mickey as we shoveled:

Then some neighborhood kids came out and Luke was thrilled to have kids to sled with. Lauren, Tim and I headed inside for warm hot chocolate and soup, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, talk about your comfort foods : )
Luke lasted outside for another hour and a half outside with the neighborhood kids before he came in for his soup and hot chocolate.
I enjoyed a nap this afternoon, and playing "dance class" with Lauren.
We just took the garbage out but now we are being pelted with tons of freezing rain so our driveway will be a skating rink. Looks like we may get ANOTHER snow day out of this storm, incredible. I just love this time of year!

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  1. WOW!!! Crazy!!! Looks like lots of fun!!!! Loved the pics!



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