Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Follow Your Dream!

So....... a few weeks ago at church there was a sermon on following your passions in life and instead of sitting by to actually come up with a plan and act on them.........I was INSTANTLY inspired.
As those of you who know me are fully aware, Disney is a  huge passion of mine.  I enjoy our Disney trips, planning others trips and writing trip reports more than words could express. I have been planning so many trips for people lately and always ask myself (and Tim), why don't I do this for a living!?!  Now, I am fully aware that my true gift is education and teaching my students on a daily basis and I have NO intention of quitting my day job but I wanted to pursue something on the Disney front. I am SO happy to report that not only have I followed my Disney planning dreams but I have taken it a step further.
I have aligned with a travel agency and have taken online courses and Tim helped me design my new website:    The site has only been up one week and I've already booked my first vacation and it's just gotten more exciting from there.
Starting on Friday I will have my OWN COLUMN on entitled "The Greatest Tips On Earth". This will be a weekly column and the owner of the site will also reference my personal travel website within it. I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. I am so excited that instead of standing by and hoping for things I have actually started taking action to watch my dreams come true. I hope you will tell others about  if you have friends/family who are planning Disney travel (or ANY travel) and that you will also check out my column this Friday on .


  1. Congrats Lesley! That is so great and so exciting. I've often thought of doing the same thing but just haven't done anything about it.

    If anyone asks me for Disney help (which they do quite a bit because of my reputation LOL) I'll steer them towards you!

  2. WOW Lesley!! That is totally cool! I've always been impressed by your vacation planning, so this is a wonderful venue for you.

    ~Cherbear from the DIS

  3. I'm so excited for you! I started following your family's Disney adventures on the DIS a few years ago, and it's SO great that you're getting to do something like this! Your site is really cute, and I'm excited to see all that God does through this.

  4. Thanks so much guys! I knew my Dis friends would be excited for me! Yes, if you hear of anyone booking trips (Disney or otherwise) please stear them my way, (or use me for your own trips! ) I'm trying to get my name out there and obviously there is a lot of competition. Thanks for your help and support!!!!



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