Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trials in Parenting

The Lord has blessed me with two amazing and healthy children. I remember when I was pregnant with each of them I always prayed for their health. I can vividly recal sitting in their nurseries at night after they had been born rocking them slowly and praying to the Lord to keep them safe and healthy and in turn I promised Him I would raise up my children to know and love Him. Well, the Lord has kept his promises and now I am trying my best to do my part.
I can close my eyes and see my son at the very young age of 1 1/2 as a new walker, trying his best to maneuver up and down curbs outside in our neighborhood. I can still see the determination in his eyes as he would try over and over again to put one foot up on the curb and not topple over during his balancing act. It took him about 15-20 attempts, but he continued to do it until he mastered it - and that look of pure joy and accomplishment on his little face brought a smile to my own.
As my children have grown older I have watched their personalities develop in much different ways. My son who used to be the determined confident one has recently become more self conscious, frustrated and frightened to try new things. This personality trait also then evolves into bad sportsmanship because he can not handle losing or failing once he has tried at something - an uphill battle for sure. I don't know how you go from being a 1 1/2 year old with such drive and determination to an almost 9 year old who lacks that confidence and ability to try, but I am trying to get to the bottom of it with him. I've had talks with him today, and had him give me a list of 10 things he is great at (which he could easily come up with). He is a wonderful person inside and out, I want him to have that confidence that he deserves so he can be the successful man that I know he can be in life. I try to teach him to be Christ like in everything he does, I know it is a stiff order, but I am trying.
I have a six year old who is confident and wise beyond her years. She will dance and strut her stuff in front of complete strangers smiling from ear to ear. She will talk your ear off to no end and when she walks into a room she radiates it with her positivity and good nature. I am praying that as years go by she doesn't loose that self confidence within herself and her Christ like nature to serve others. I pray her ability to always want to please others won't be taken advantage of. I pray that I can be the mother that I told the Lord I would be, and that my children deserve.

Motherhood is more than I ever thought it could be. I literally wear my heart on my sleeve daily. All I can do is continue to pray that not only they will be healthy, but they will be happy and have a wonderful quality of life that they deserve. Please Lord.......... give me the strength!


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