Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So today I was watching the Price is Right with Lauren. I have always loved that show. I remember watching it as a kid and always dreaming of getting my chance to be on stage and win the big prizes. In the summer when we happen to be home when it airs at 11:00 I always say "turn it to channel 12 Price is Right is On!" They have grown to love it along with me. Well, today when I was watching it with her I said "I have always wanted to be on that show Lauren" her response absolutely CRACKED me up! She said "MOM, you need to LIVE YOUR DREAMS, everyone lives their dreams but you, you've done your dream to be a mom but you need to do ALL your dreams." Silence for a minute and a HUGE smile from me thinking of what a deep thing my FIVE year old daughter had just said......... then she continued by saying:
"I've had all my dreams come true, I have a good family and a great mom"
Wow, talk about making a mom's day. What a sweet sweet girl I have been blessed with.

Both of my children are such a blessing to me, such good kids. I want to put them in a bubble on some days and just freeze time, freeze their purity, freeze how much they love me at this moment in time, just FREEZE. they are growing up so quickly, time is slipping through my fingers. Lauren lost her FIRST tooth this weekend, and Luke lost his seventh tooth. Lauren enters Kindergarten this year and Luke enters 3rd
grade. WOW, it seems like only yesterday I was holding my preemie Lauren in a nursery or Tim was rushing me to the hospital after my water broke with Luke.
How do I freeze time?


  1. Cheri P aka CherbearAugust 5, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    Oh Lesley! Lauren is the sweetest little girl! I imagine this moment will enter your mind every time you watch the Price is Right now. (I bet they'd pick you as a contestant if you tell them what your darling little girl said to you.."Live your dreams!")

  2. Oh gosh...she has me cryin now!!! How sweet Lauren is!!!



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