Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank God for Beautiful Days!!!

It just doesn't get any better than today! It was mid seventies here today, sunny and just plain GORGEOUS! After work I came home and we packed Mickey into the car and took him to the park and let him run and run and run, such fun. Then we came home and had hot dogs off the grill (well, since Tim and I are still on our weight loss plans they were turkey dogs for Tim and low calorie Metts for me, but still, on the grill anything is yummy). After dinner we headed over to the park for Lauren's first soccer practice, while she practiced I did the exercise trail around our park. It makes exercise fun when you are out enjoying the fresh air, it was just a wonderful workout. After Lauren's practice we took the kids to get ice cream. To cap off a perfect night I had bought a HUGE bubble kit with over 20 different bubble type of things (pipes, blowers, etc.) and Luke and Lauren along with several other kids from the neighborhood played outside with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, riding bikes, scooters and the Power Wheel while we socialized with the adults out on the culdesac until it turned dark. WHAT A GREAT DAY! Thank you Lord for beautiful days to enjoy with my famliy.............. I am soooooooooooo thankful!

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