Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am truly blessed. I mean that. Every morning I wake up and thank the good Lord for all he has blessed us with. Our two wonderful children, our happy marriage, both of our loving families and living so close to both of them, my stable jobs, and our home and financial stability. Lately the Lord has blessed us even more with extra income coming in so we have many travels scheduled. To Tim and I travling is living life to it's fullest. Our time on earth is SO short that to buy material things to me is just not important. I want to spend my time experiencing life with my family and making memories.
We have planned this year: 1 week in Kiawah South Carolina for Spring Break, 6 nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (our new Disney Vacation Club "home), 9 nights at Saratoga Springs Resort in Disney (using our Developer points incentive we got for joining the Disney Vacation Club), 1 week in Grand Haven Michigan, and 2 nights in Disney just Tim and I in November for Food and Wine Festival, as I said - truly blessed!
This weekend we are GOING TO GATLINBURG!!!!!! I can't wait to pull up here tomorrow night:

Spend the night in this big cozy bed

(we have a 3 bedroom cabin so we EACH get our own king size bed, cable t.v. AND bathroom . . .HEAVEN here on earth : )

Enjoy some family quality time here:

But more than ANYTHING, Enjoy some relaxing time here!!!!

Tomorrow can't come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the road with my family, there jus it NOTHING ELSE like it!

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  1. We also love to travel. I would rather have vacations than other things as well. Enjoy your long weekend!



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