Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not as we had hoped

So Luke and Tim worked hard on his boat for the big Raingutter Regatta for Cubscouts this week. They decided on the S.S. Yankee and the boat looked sharp! Here is Luke before leaving for the event (see how happy and excited he is):

We headed to the event with high hopes- this was our first time ever at a boy scouting event like this so we didn't know what to expect. Luke did a few trial runs with his boat and everything was going great, his boat seemed to do well and he understood how to make it go, he even beat a boy in a fake race.
Then it was time to begin. Luke was in the first race for his den. Here he goes:

Well, he was doing great and then he kept looking at the boy next to him and his boat got behind and he lost (it was a close race, but he lost). Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized he was losing and he grabbed his boat after the finish and was so upset. The den leader, seeing how upset he was assured him he had 3 more races. We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing he would get another chance.
Well, poor Luke then lost the next three races. It is hard to blow and cry at the same time:

It was one of those moments as a mother that you just want to protect your children from. I wanted him to have some sort of success on this night so badly and it was ripping my heart out to watch him have to go through this.
A WONDERFUL woman came up to him at the end and said "Luke, your boat may not have been the fastest but it sure was the best looking." That put a smile on his face. Thank God for encouraging people in this world, that really made his day. We treated him to ice cream after and that also brought a smile on his face. We will definitely be enlisting help when it comes to the soapbox derby in March ; )

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