Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, it's 2009 and I have resolved to start a blog...................... I know, not your typical resolution. But I have decided that I'm going to be one of those women who are happy with their bodies the way they are, be confident in my own skin and not jump on the diet and exercise bandwagon in the New Year. Sure, I don't look the way I did in my twenties, there are new places that jiggle that I'm not the proudest of, but overall I'm happy being me and am proud that I have gotten to this place in my life.
I love to write - always have and have enjoyed writing trip reports for years online for many to read regarding our Disney adventures (check out last years trip report here: and thought a blog would be the next logical step.
I am busy........... quite busy in fact. My life consists of being a full time special education teacher, teaching courses for University of Phoenix online (I teach an average of 2-3 courses at a time), mentoring incoming faculty at the University of Phoenix (I average 3-4 mentees at a time), being a mom to my two wonderful children (Luke and Lauren) and being a loving wife to my husband of 10 years: Tim. Oh, and taking care of our Golden Retreiver puppy Mickey and our cat Biggie as well (can't forget the pets, they require love and time as well). So time for a blog will be interesting at best, but I consider it "me" time, that in 2009 I am vowing to make sure happens!!!!!
In 2009 we will have many vacations and I am so excited about each and every one of them. Tim and I (and the kids) are always planning for our next getaway, it is the getaways in life that make this life enjoyable, fun, and memorable to us. In 2009 we will experience 1 week at Kiawah beach in South Carolina, 16 days in Disneyworld, 8 days in Grand Haven Michigan, and 3 days JUST THE TWO OF US (Tim and I) for our first only couples only trip to Disneyworld in November. SO EXCITING!!!!
I am excited about this new adventure of writing in this blog, bare with me, I am sure it will take many different turns along the way, I don't want to stick to one particular topic, they will range from parenting, traveling, religion, marriage,pets,theatre,education,being a working mom,wine (HUGE wine lover), family, Disney (of course), the options are endless and that is exciting to me.
Hang tight, this should be a fun ride.............


  1. Thanks for the link Leslie. I always enjoy reading your reports & will continue to do so. I can relate to your love of your family (of course) & also Disney & wine. (I love it also). I hope as busy as you are that you have your "me" time. We all need that once in a while. Happy New Year.


  2. I can't wait to read about all the exciting adventures you and your family take in 2009. Our family probably won't be taking a trip to Disney this year for financial reasons but I hope to get my fix by reading about yours. Happy New Year and much Love and Happiness....

  3. lesley - so glad you've started a blog. i've enjoyed your disney trip reports on the DIS. much easier to track with you here :) happy new year & welcome to the blogosphere!



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